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"A path is something you create as you walk it. The ground you’ve trodden hardens, and that’s what forms your path. You’re the only one who can create your own path. Walk on your own. If you haven’t given up yet, that is."

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Before Timeskip

Xingke Yan


Character Information
Romaji Name Gen Shinkū
Gender Male
Age 13
Status Alive
Date of Birth August 7
Partner Felicity Lawliet
Affiliation Black Order
Innocence Rainbow Fire
Type Parasitic
Blood Type AB
Height 154 cm (5'0½")
Weight 40 kg (88 lbs.)

Xingke Yan (厳 星刻, Gen Shinkū) is an exorcist and member of the Asian Branch of the Black Order, formerly of the European Branch. He is the main male protagonist of D. Gray Man: Another Story. Xingke is the adoptive son of late exorcists Kōujo Yan and Xianglin Yan. He was also the former apprentice of the Exorcist General Kevin Yeegar.



Personality Statistics



Powers and Abilities

Advanced Growth Rate:

Enhanced Reflexes and Speed:

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant:


Rainbow Fire (七色の炎 (レインボーファイア), Reinbō Faia): a parasitic type Anti-Akuma Weapon that is centralised in the X-shaped Innocence that is embedded on the back of Xingke's hands. It is activated by the command "destroy the enemy with the Flames of Heaven" (天よりまい降りて敵をほろぼ, ten yori mai orite teki o horobose).

First Fusion (第1の融合): initially, Xingke's Anti-Akuma Weapon manifested itself in the form of a pair of black metal-clad gloves, emblazoned with the Letter X on the back of each glove. When activated, powerful and vigorous flames are ignited from the gloves, which proceed to surround entirity of Xingke's hands, allowing him to physically strike opponents with, essentially, a burning piece of metal. Xingke is also able to use the flames to propel himself through the air at incredible speeds with great maneuverability.

  • Red Hawk (レッドホーク, Reddo Hōku): Xingke's apparent signature attack and arguably the source of his nickname "Fire Fist Xingke" (火拳星刻, Hiken no Shinkū). Xingke ignites his innocence, engulfing his fist with flames and releases it as a stream of fire at his target. When the attack hits, it creates a fiery explosion and deals immense damage.

Second Fusion (第2の融合):

  • Corona Blast (コロナブラスト, Korona Burasuto):
  • Firebolt (ファイアボルト, Faiaboruto):
  • Fire Tornado (ファイアトルネード, Faia Torunēdo)
  • Red Hawk Shotgun (レッドホークショットガン, Reddo Hōku Shottogan):