Xavier Xenon is one of the member from the Organization call New Cross. He is an exorcist. His initial letter is L. They call him the Leviathan.


Xavier appear to be a man in his early 30. He always appear in Gray uniform similar to Black order. He is always seen pressing his finger joint. He is muscular build compare to others.


Xavier look average and think average. He is not very strategy but his reflex is fast. He is a fast thinker even though he is not that smart.


Xavier Xenon like other member is raise by the New Cross. He is taken in as an orphan. They conduct numerous of experiment on him. He survive and become one of the 3 ace weapon of New Cross.


Xavier is first seem in the battle at tokyo. The Black Order discover the existence of New Cross through Xavier. At first, he is mistake as Akuma Level 5 due to his innocence apperance.

He is later show during the meeting of the New Cross discussing whether to help black order which is under attack. .

Abilities and Powers

Alpha (Parasite type)

Xavier posses five innocence reside in his body at once. He is the only one success in the experiment. Upon activation, he is turn into a complete monster like entiy. It regeneration even surpass Noah and Apyrochas.

Hand of Cain -Obtain from Cain, The first murder. Its destructive power very strong.

Eye of Eve - Obtain from Eve Mother of All, The power has yet to be reveal

Heart of Adams - Obtain from Adams, the First human. It provide him the regenerate ability.

Bone of Abel - Obtain from Abel, The first victim, It grant the user incredible movement.

Ear of Seth - Obtain from Seth, the successor, It grant him the ability to obtain information from the wind.


  • Destruction Await
  • Pure Destruction