Team Storm Chronicles is an original storyline of D.Grayman Fanon Wiki, that User:Ash9876 has developed. It revolves around the White Saints, and in particular, Team Storm, and their adventures.


After three years of intense and brutal training, Team Storm has reunited, and is ready to fight against the Noah, however, their journey will be hard. They will be faced with unexpcted obstancles, and memories of their past, will they fulfill their quest, or will they fall in the line of duty....


Gerard Dreyar

  • The central male character of the series, he is a powerful exorcist who is famed for breaking the critical limit of his innocence, making him capable of many feats. He is a secluded person who does not reveal his past, however as the story drags on, his past is revealed, and he falls in despair! Will he rise up and fight his darkness, or fall in depression?

Jane Suzuki

  • The heroine of this story, a famous exorcist famed for her innocence, she is a kind and serious person who fulfills her missions without any failure. However, she puts her comrades before her, and she is shocked at what happens to her team, as the split apart, will she regenerate these bonds, or will they be lost forever?

Richard Buchanen

  • An intellectual and capable exorcist, he is the one who fights with intelligence. A close friend of Gerard, he accompanies the team as the brains, however as past memories are resurfaced, Richard loses his trust and gets taken advantage of. Will his friends break him out of control, or will he bcome a puppet forever?

Eliwood Newgate

  • A major character of this storyline. A powerful, kind and wise exorcist, the founder and leader of Team Storm, he takes his students on a dangerous adventure filled with joy and sorrow. Will he be able to help his students in a time of crisis, or will he fail in the line of a teacher?


Major Organisations

White Saints: The protagonist organisation, where Team Storm is originated from, they are a powerful Exorcist organisation who fight the evil Noah.



  • Chapter 1: Team Storm Reunites!