Selena Knightfall is a female exoricst in Black Order. She come from Irish and working under General Yeegar unit.


Selena Knightfall appear to be a Teenager in her 17. She is always shown braided her hair into a ponytail. She seem to be carrying a large casket around her. The casket has lower her mobility greatly.


Selena is a calm and outgoing person. She always the cheerful leading person in her unit. She joke around and try to cheer her member in anyway she can. She like a role model in Black order.


Selena a irish woman apply as a finder voluntarily after her family is murder by akuma. She went to several mission but fail to locate any innocence. One day, her team found a innoncence in Mansion located at Alaska. A Window show different scenery despite other window showing what suppose to show. Akuma of course attack the mansion. The finder team try to seal off the mansion and wait for exoricst arrive to rescue. However, the exorcist didnt arrive in time, most of the finder is kill. As the verge of death, the innocence react to her and Selena become an accommodator. She kill off the Level 2 Akuma and Save everyone.

Upon return to Black order, she promote to exorcist and train under General Kevin yeegar.


As an exorcist, she is first shown fighting along side his fellow unit. She always support her unit with her innoncence. She grieve the most when she hear General yeegar has been kill. The unit later disappear and train to revenge general yeegar.

Abilities and Powers

Oath Keeper  (Equipment type)

Selena possess an equipment innocence which she carry around. It a rifle and she keep it in a Casket Tallisman. She sometime use the casket as a shield to block akuma bullet. The Innocence is a Equipment type. Upon activation, the A feathery aiming scope fly around the white rifle.

Heaven Window- Upon activation, she can use the scope to spy and see any place she wanted to see.

Silencing Shot - With her innocence combine with the scope, she can sent her shoot far away even in an impossible direction or any angle.


  • I never miss
  • I saw enough