Russell Talbot is a Exorcist from Black Order. He is a General Level Exorcist. A Point breaker. He is the general before the five current general.


Russell is handsome gentlemen in his 25. He wear a normal exorcist uniform. However his uniform collar is customized is pointy and long. He is always seem smiling mysteriously. He wear a silver loong earing. His hair is silver as well.


Russell always act cautiously. Despite his young ages, he is very confident in his skill. He always mentor his unit very well and patiencely. However, he has a rule that no unit or finder should be around him when he fight.


Russell is a astronologist. He always observe the night sky. One day, a gold comet fall to his backyard. This cause a deep hole into the ground and light beam shoot up into the sky. This lead the black order and Akuma come and battle. He become the accommodator after this and work his way up as the general.


Russell is first seem when michelle join the order. They joke with each other. Michelle is suprise when she found out he is one of the general.

Russell later is called again by the branch manager for an important order. A army of Akuma has been stationed in Greece. A Larger scale like edo. Akuma has completely take over the place. Russell is later seem eliminate the entire Area.

He is later get kill by Noah in the Black order Downfall Arc. .

Abilities and Powers

Star Conductor (Equipment type)

Russell possess a equipment type innoncence. He hide the innoncence in his sleeve. It shape like a Wand, a conductor rod. Upon activation, the ground shake and cloud clear. He call his fight as his performance. His performance is most beautiful at night.

Star Symphony- Upon activation, he swing the rod around, star will fall from the sky and light beam will follow his instruction. Crashing and smashing the entire area.

Comet Strike- He can summon a smallest comet from the sky and smash one enemy.

Classical Saturn - A Giant Ball of Planet Smite down the entire area if there still akuma survive the star symphony.


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