Ruby Thompson is the female antagonist in the Black Order Fallen Arc. She is a female exorcist in black order. Love interest of Jordan Hunter. She is serve under Jeanne Unit.


Ruby is a young woman in her 18. She is slim and beautiful. Her Red long hair is her most outstanding features. She wear a normal Exoricst unit and a mini skirt like lena lee.


Ruby is cute and out going,She always make fun of Jordan and sad when jordan get hurt. She always scold Jordan and wish him welfare.


Ruby is a girl who scout by General Jeanne when she was small. She kill her entire family due to her innoncence went berserk. She grow up in Black order and learn to control her innoncence.


Ruby is first seem by jordan when he first meet general Jeanne. After that, they train together to become the exorcist.

Ruby most notable mission is her fight with Lulu bell on a airplane. She fought so hard and Lu Lu Bell is capture alive by her. Ruby is severe injury after her fight and sleep for 2 month. After she awake, Jordan already pass away.

Ruby commit suicide due to her grieve for Jordan. She is later use in 2nd Exorcist program as well.

Abilities and Powers

Celestial Weaver( Parasite type)

Ruby possess a parasite type ati akuma weapon. It attached with her hair. Her original Hair is Black Color. Due to the innoncence, It turn red. She can manipulate her hair according to her will.

Hair Sword- She can turn her hair into a sword. Mutiple Sword attached with hair.

Tangle - She can trap her enemy with her hair.

'Spider Dance' - Her hair appear a eight scythe and walk, crawl, defend and attack with it.

Hair Wing - She can turn her hair into a Wing and Fly

Drilling Hair - She can turn her hair into a Drill

Full Armour - She wrap her hair around her entire body for defense

Hair Arrow - She turn her hair into a Bow and Arrow.

Hair Atenna - She can spread her hair into the ground and detect enemy location.


  • Jordan NOOO
  • Comb my hair.