Rowan Talbot is a male exoricist of Black Order. He is Russell`s little brother. Friend with Hesvalaska. A big fan of his brother.


Rowan is a teenager around 14 years old. He wear a short black pant but upper part is exorcist uniform. He has cute fringe around the fron part of his hair.


Rowan is very hyper active. He always follow russell around. He a big fan of his elder brother and always try to follow his foot step.


After russell join the order, he rarely come home. Rowan wen tot the black order and enlist as finder. Russell is furious and know how dangerous this could be. He sent him home. Last night of his stay at Black order, he wander into Hesvalaska room. She listen to his problem and let the innoncence with her test him. He successfully become the accommodator.


As an exorcist, he goes on mission to protect citizen, fight akuma and retrieve innoncence. His most notable mission is Sky battle. There appear to be a Level 2 giant flying whale akuma. Rowan fight off the giant akuma and apparently the corpse of the akuma fall. The town below is in danger. Rowan use all his power to stop the corpse from dropping and almost getting kill in the process

He later kill in the great exorcist war. His brother griefly upon hearing his death news. He is later used in the second exorcist program.

Abilities and Powers

Blue Skate (Equipment type)

Rowan Talbot possess a equipment innoncence. It shape like a blue Skateboard. He use it to roll around. Upon activation. A light ray circling below it. It has multiple use.

Sky glide- Upon activation, he can glide through the sky. Upon doing so, he can gather cloud around the board and shoot wing blade out of it.

Water Surfing - He can turn the Board into a surfing board. he can surf on the ocean and create wave to attack akuma

Skateboard- The original version of blueskate, he can ride across the wall and summon earth spike to attack akuma.


  • Brother Russell
  • What up
  • I miss you brother