Rachel Spark is one of the member from the Organization call New Cross. She is the only non exorcist member among them. Her initial letter is V. They call him the Vengeance


Rachel appear to be a woman in his early 20. She always appear in Pink uniform similar to Black order. She carry a lot of tallisman with her in her bagpack. She is always seem accompany by four mask follower.


Rachel is a vengeful woman. She hate akuma and noah to the extreme especially Tyki Mikki. She also hate black order. She dont get along with other member very well. She look down herself sometime.


She is actually daughter of tina spark. the dead exorcist who is kill by Noah. She grow up seeking for revenge and wish to destroy the millenium. However she did not join the Black order as black order unable to save her mother.


At some point of the timeline, She look for the Master of New Cross and request to join. She prove herself worthy by showing her ability as a master shaman eventhough she is not chosen by any innocence.

She is first show during the meeting of the New Cross discussing whether to help black order which is under attack. .

Abilities and Powers

Shaman and Necromancy

Rachel is not an exoricst. However she learn shaman and Nercromancy magic from an ancient tribe and wish to rival the akuma power. She is able to resurrectfour of the dead exorcist from black order to fight on her command. Her shaman skill allow her to call back the spirit while the necromancy allow her to control the dead body.

Tina Spark - Wheel of Thunder. Upon activation, Six wheel appear behind tina, it can conjure thunder chain to attack the akuma

Chalker Laboun - Sword of Michael - Upon activation, the stronger the enemy, the larger the sword become.

Kazanna Reed - Bow of Nine Sun - It can shoot up to nine arrow. The Nineth arrow will be the strongest and equal to Sun beam.

Sol Galeen - Sword of Damocle - Upon Activation, A silver sword appear to move on telekinesis. It attack whoever move.

Gwen Flail - Fleshreaver - dual scythe which cut cannot be heal


  • Remember them?
  • They come back from hell.