New Cross is a fourth power in The D Grayman Universe. First being the Black order, Second being Noah family, Third being the Heart. Pandemonian Fortess is the Base and Headquarter of New Cross. It founded by Hovard Heren


New Cross consist of 11 members who called themselves apostle. They believe the 12th Apostle will be a traitor. All 10 of them is exorcist except Rachel Spark. There are three member has been call Ace of Cross. The duty is to destroy the millenium earl once and for all.

Hovard Heren - Founder, Also call the Collector. He possess ten different Innocence at his disposal.

Three Ace

Louis Pendragon - Also known as Angel. He possess the Crown Prince

Mina Yolando - Also known as the judgement. She possess the Holy Grail

Xavier - Also Known as the Leviathan. He possess five parasite innocence call Alpha

Normal Member

Colin Noda - Also known as solomon. He possess seal of great being

Julia Nova - Also known as the Queen. She possess the Spear of Longinus.

Heidi Weiss - Also known as the Newton. He possess the Newtonian Apple.

Joseph Arthur - Also known as the Wall. He is the strategist. He possess the Key of Babel

Micheal Nicole - Also known as the priest. He is a true priest who teach the citizen how to fight.

Yoon Cho Hee - Also Known as the Painter. She possess the Paint Brush of Selflessness

Rachel Spark - Also Known as the Vengence. She possess the power of Necomancy and Shaman. She is only non exorcist but utilize four fallen Exorcist power.

Pandemonian Fortress

The Fortress itself is a huge castle. It can turn into a battle Mobile Fortress by Joseph with the help of Key of Babel. It consist of three innocence. One is Talos who guard the castle from enemy. Pool of Radiance which heal the wounded. Last is the commandment which restrict the Enemy. It also where Horn of Gabriel is. Hovard listen to whisper at the Gabriel tower.