Owen Lapus is a male exorcist working under Black order. He is part of the Harlequinn Unit. A Point breaker


Owen is a man in his 30. He is skinny and always shirtless. He has a tattoo of Black order logo on his Back. He has customised skinny exorcist trouser.He always wear a sun glassess.


Owen is consider a psycopath. No exorcist would like to work with him. This goes to other unit member of harlequinn unit as well.


Owen is a criminal and bomb suicide-er for the terrorist. He attempted a bomb assault on the Vatican. But somehow part of the Vatican blow out but he didnt die. They quickly realize he is one of the accommodator and force him to work in black order by threating him with his child and wife.


As one of the harlequinn Unit, he defeated one of the Noah. However he later try to save his family from Vatican but reason in his family kill. He is currently missing in action.

Abilities and Powers

Great Sacrifice (Parasite type)

Owen is a acommodator for a parasite type innoncence. The innoncence is his skin. It is immune to Fire.

Explosive Sacrfice - He carry mang explosive bomb and grenade with him. He dont have any fighting style. He always walk toward the Akuma and Self explode.The bomb itself cannot kill akuma. Upon explosion, it impact on the skin and it merge with the explosion. Indirectly it become a lethal weapon to akuma.

Fire proof- Upon using up his explosive, he is show to be able to cover himself into White flame. Upon enough of absorption of Fire, he can turn his skin into white fire.


  • For my family !!!!!!!!

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