Mindy Darling is a female exorcist working at black order under Andrew Unit. She is the heir to the Darling Family.


Mindy is a female in her 18. she has a golden blonde curling hair. Her uniform is alter custom into a gown like dress. She can easily battle in this outfit.


Mindy is a spoil rich girl with her curling hair. She always maintain her golden blonde hairstyle when go out. Even on her mission, she is a perfectionist.


Andrew found Mindy in her first year. A finder discover that the mirror in Darling family can talk on her own, The mirror keep on advise mindy to oppress the citizen of her town. When Andrew arrive, he slap mindy out of her sense and recover the mirror. After that, Mindy contact the black order and Connect with the innocence again. She become an accommodator.


She is introduce again when Andrew become the general and Andrew met his new team unit. Mindy is among one of them. She go out for mission like other but always slow on her mission. She like to utitlize her family wealth to form another private finder team to help look for innocence. She is the one gain information on the frozen Innocence in the north pole. She later kill by Noah and her innocence is shatter.

Abilities and Powers

Alice` Hand Mirror (Equipment type)

Mindy possess a equipment type anti akuma weapon. Her innocence is made into a hand held mirror. She activate the innocence by looking at the mirror. Upon activation, it change into a full size oval shape mirror. with two angel holding the mirror.

Truth Image - Any Akuma gaze into the mirror will freeze into glass and break. This only work on Level 1 Akuma. This technique can show the noah true form.

Mirror Search - She can search the area which reflection of mirror can connect.

Mirror Double - She can call out her mirror double - Alice to fight for her. This mirror image shatter upon death.

Mirror World - A technique she only use once when she suddenly goes into point breaker mode. The mirror shine down and temporarily change the whole area into a mirror world. All the building, flower turn into mirror. she can shatter the glasses and control at will like small blade.


  • I am the heir to the Darling family.