Miliana Crimsonwood is a female exorcist working at black order under Andrew Unit. She secretly fall in love with Rowan Talbot.


Milliana is a female around age of 18. Her uniform is a custom made suit uniform with a little bit of black order emblem on the back. This is due to her mermaid appearance and requirement


Milliana is very cheerful and always provide positive energy to the team. They always see her laugh. even facing the most difficult enemy. When Rowan die, she cry beside Russell.


Milliana once live at Algeria. When she born, her parent abandon her due to her fish like appearance. They abandon her into the sea. She soon survive on her own. When she grow up, she become curious on the human land. This has lead to the sighting of mermaid at algeria until black order involve. Andrew and Jordan recover her in a mission.


As an exorcist, she went to do mission like other. Her most notable deed is the Sea battle with a dragon like Akuma protecting her hometown algeria. The Akuma is 20 feet long and due to no exorcist can fight underwater, she defeated the sea akuma alone. She is presumably die along with her teammate during the fight at Black order downfall arc.

Abilities and Powers

Siren (Parasite type)

Milliana possess a parasite type innocence. Her whole body is fin and fish like scale. She can breath underwater. She dont have to shoutout her innocence name when activate much like krory`s teeth.

Bubble Bomb- She can generate bomb in bubble form in underwater or land.

Fin Blade - When underwater, A fin like blade can grow out from her body.

Hydro Pressure - When underwater, she can swin very fast and generate whirlpool pressure to crash the enemy. She use this technique to defeated the AKuma Sea dragon.


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