Michael Nicole is one of the member from the Organization call New Cross. He is an exorcist. His initial letter is P. They call him the Priest.


Joseph appear to be a man in his mid 30. He always appear in Orange uniform similar to Black order. He is always seen wearing a priest hat and a shroud on this shoulder.


Joseph is very Gentle. He hate fighting and avoid it if possible. He is a very cautious man. No one ever die on mission together with him.


Michael Nicole lead a normal life. His wife and kid is kill at some point of the timeline by akuma. He blame himself for unable to do anything. At last, he become a priest at the vatican try to learn how to kill akuma. He has be given a Innocence by the New Cross to become one of the Apostle


Michael work as a Priest in church at San Francisco. He taught his discipline how to kill akuma.

He is first show during the meeting of the New Cross discussing whether to help black order which is under attack. .

Abilities and Powers

Shroud of Martin (Equipment type)

Heidi possess an innocence shape like an shroud. It a red color shroud use by most pastor.. The Innocence is a equipment type. Upon activation, Its symbol glow circling around his shoulder. It is a non offensive type Innocence

Blessing - Michael can bless his comrade with speed, power and defense. He is also show to bless the weapon with innocence matter which turn any normal weapon into a weapon that can battle akuma.

Protection - He is show to be able to conjure powerful barrier to protect people and building

Healing - With the power of innocence, He is show to cure the akuma infection.


  • I hear your pray
  • No one shall die again in my presence