Maverick is a Male exorcist from Black Order. He is serve under same unit with Toby and Dylan under General Russell.


Maverick is a 14 years old Teenager. He wear normal Exorcist uniform with a black cap with Black order logo.


Maverick is a very playful but come to battle, he obey order and follow instruction by dylan.


General Russell visit him a long time ago, he give him a box with innoncence inside. Upon open, the innonence attached to his father decease photo. The photo try to communicate with him every night. It become the legend of the haunted photo. Later AKuma and black order get involved, his life change.


Maverick follow into every mission dylan go. They are good partner. Dylan usually will Toby run wild with his innoncent and ask Maverick to support behind. His most notable mission is he found out few member of the Noah family.

He is later kill together with dylan and use in second exorcist program. .

Abilities and Powers

Memory Keeper (Equipment type)

Maverick possess a Equipment Type Anti Akuma Weapon. It shape like a camera he attache on his belt. Upon activation, A small hexagon appear behind his waist. The hexagon extend like to his finger as glove.

Capture pose - Upon activation, he can make a hand posture of a rectagular. Inside the frame, it can reveal who is akuma or noah.

Hexagon Flash- Upon activation, With the frame posture, he can conjure a flash wave to blind akuma temporarily.

Light weapon- He usually capture photo of other exorcist equipment weapon or purely equipment. He can later conjure light made duplicate weapon to fight akuma.

Light Dummy - Upon Activation, he can even conjure moving light figure as bait.


  • We may not live long, i wanna capture our moment.