Nationality: Half British, Half French

Birth Date: June 22

Nicknames: Lyle, Dead Man.

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Blood Type: 0

Hobby: Building Things

Likes: Going out on Adventures.

Dislikes: His big brother.

Lyle's Family is known for hunting Akuma. Lyle never really wnted to join the Black order, but was forced to by his parents. Lyle's parents died when he was 10 so he lived most of his life with his big brother Marly. Lyle's Anti-Akuma Weapon is his hands, Lyle grows claws to rip apart the Akuma. Lyle thinks that he's smooth with the ladies, but his brother can pick up more women then him. Lyle builds what ever he feels like, but the things he builds are useless to others.