Louis Pendragon is one of the member from the Organization call New Cross. He is an exorcist. His initial letter is A. They call him the Angel


Louis appear to be a man in his early 20. He always appear in White uniform similar to Black order. His innocence floating on his head. He has blonde hair.


Heidi is a proud man. He fight the akuma with all his heart. He is very loyal to the New Cross. He obey every order and execute the mission perfectly.


Similar as other member of the New Cross He is an orphan and taken into the Organization at very young. He is born with the innocence on his head. .


At some point of the timeline, He is taught how to control his innocent. He is a born genius and become one of the three ace weapon among the apostle.

He is first show during the meeting of the New Cross discussing whether to help black order which is under attack. .

Abilities and Powers

Crown Prince (Crystal type)

Louis possess an innocence floating on his head all the time. It shape like a angel halo. The Innocence is a crystal type. Upon activation, His wing grow out of his back.

Flight - Upon activation, Louis can fly at his will.

Light Manipulation - Upon activation, He can control and form light into weapon. His signature move is seven sword made out of light or holy blast.


  • Evil begone
  • Let me wash away your sin

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