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Lola Abrahams


Character Information
Romaji Name Roura
Title The Melodious Orchid
Gender Female
Age 19-20
Status Deceased
Date of Birth July 2
Affiliation Black Order (European Branch)
Innocence Flight Risk
Type Equipment/Boa
Race Human
Blood Type O
Family Daisya Barry (dating partner, deceased)
Voice Actor Stephanie Sheh
Manga Debut Chapter 30
Anime Debut Episode 38

Lola Abrahams is a former Exorcist and member of the Black Order. While attempting to protect Euphoria from the Noah, she was killed by Noah Road Kamelot and her Innocence, the Flight Risk was destroyed. She was one of three casualties in the Euphoria arc.


Lola was a teenaged-looking girl with long blonde hair and sky blue eyes. She wore the most of her hair tied back with a dark purple bow, though she had some strands loose. She had a fringe, with two strands on either side of her face, framing it. Lola was generally seen in fashionable clothing with a blue ribbon consistently in the outfit, tied around her neck. She refused to wear her Exorcist uniform outside of missions, making her similar to Kana Marie.


Lola sad Euphoria

Lola saddened after Euphoria is taken

Lola with Kana

Lola with Kana

Lola's positive and overall goofy attitude made her easily endearing to those around her, even to Yu Kanda. She was playfully vain, doing so to make others laugh. She enjoyed telling jokes and claimed to it to be her duty to make others, especially Exorcists, smile and laugh. She believed strongly that Exorcists were meant to be saviors and that they were in the world to help people.

Lola was rarely serious, and only got this way when her friends, and family (the Order) was placed in danger. She shared a strong bond with Euphoria, having said before she died that Euphoria was the "greatest savior" because she always smiled when they needed her to. Lola deeply loved her dating partner, Daisya Barry, and often claimed that he had a good heart. She was the best friend of Kana Marie, which caused Kana to grieve for her when she was killed.



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