Lan Fang is a female exorcist of China Branch. She is a bookman. First apprentice of bookman before lavi. Same Unit as Michelle and Mei Mei under General Fong.


Lan Fang is a woman in her 20. She wear a long Skirt and upper part is exorcist unform. She has long blue hair. .


Lan Fang is a nice person. She always get too involved in her mission. Bookman always told her to observe and stay out of it. She always get involved too much and refuse listen to bookman.


Lan Fang is a girl who brought up by Bookman. Bookman notice she is a accommodator even since she was small. In an raining town where attack by akuma, everyone is kill and bookman is passing by. She saw a young girl with umbrella ignore by the Akuma. He took her in.


As an exorcist, she goes on mission to protect citizen, fight akuma and retrieve innoncence. Her most notable mission is sneak into Earl Millenium Hideout and retrieve an information. The information she brought up to the black order is that Noah is planning a large scale attack in Greece.

She later get kill by Akuma in the Black order Fallen arc. She is later use in the second exorcist arc.

Abilities and Powers

Hidden By God (Equipment type)

Lan Fang possess an equipment type innoncence. It shape like a china paper umbrella. She always carry around with her. She open the umbrella to activate the innoncence.

Umbrella Tornado - She can throw the umbrella around like a Spin. It can cut akuma and kill it.

Invisible - Under the Umbrella, Lan Fang is invisible. She can share this ability with others.

Teleportation - She can teleport to the Umbrella Location. While she throw it. She can quickly blink to the umbrella location.


  • Never doubt me
  • I am a bookman, I am an exorcist too
  • I have to help