Kiriha Amano

Character Information
Title The Soaring Dragon
Gender Male
Age 13
Status Alive
Date of Birth September 23,1998
Partner N/A
  • Black Order
  • Allen Walker
  • Parasite:Core
  • Equiptment:Bandage
  • Parasitic
  • Equiptment
Branch Asian Branch
  • Core
  • Bandage
Race Human
Blood Type A
Height 4'17
Weight 94 lbs
Family Allan Walker(Half Brother)

Kiriha Amano is a younger exorcist in the Black Order,he is the former Apprentice and Half-Brother of Allen Walker.He is a skilled excorcist and can take on Level 3 Akuma on his own.He works alone and hasn't really made any friends within the Order.Despite being a Parasitic Type,Kiriha weilds the Ryu-ran Bandage,Which catches flame and takes the form of a dragon when used in combat.He tries not to draw to much attention to himself,which is hard as he hasn't had a failed mission and is seen as a "Rising Star".


Appearance:Kiriha has long,black hair that sticks out slightly,pale skin,and dark,empty looking eyes.He wears custom Black Order Uniform pants,a dull purple shirt,and an open,short sleeve black shirt that fastens with 2 straps.Has many silver details on his outfit and is also seen in a long,beige cloak.He wraps the Ryu-Ran bandage around his left wrist and sometimes around his neck.


Personality:Kiriha is a rather sad and boring person,but is quite brave and also cunning.He keeps a blank expression,but has been seen angry and crying at times.He has attempted suicide and leads a dark,lonely life.


Innocence:Core Mark I:Core is a Parasitic Type Innocence that resembles Cross Alpha,it has a spiky shoulder and a bone-like fore arm,the hand of the user takes the shape of the upper jaw of a dragon,with 3,razor sharp claws for resembles bone with "magma" flowing throughout the weapon.

Powers:Nova Razor:Kiriha's signature move,the "magma" flows down to the claws,the user then slashes rapidly,it can be used for melee or will launch strips of magma through the air.

Core Mark II:the "magma" stops flowing then dissapears,the lower jaw appears and opens,allowing the user to launch fireballs from the mouth,the Weapon now takes on a more sleek appearance and fades black.

Powers:Nova Barrage:The user charges a blast,then makes a star out of heat in front of it and blast a rapid stream of fireballs through the star,adding power.

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