Jeanne D Lewis is a Female Exorcist in Black Order. She is a General Level Exorcist. She lead a Group of Exorcist agaisnt Akuma in France.


Jeanne D Lewis a a woman in her 30. She is well build and Sexy, She has short blonde hair and Wear normal exorcist uniform with a knight gautlet. She always bring a spear around her. She wear a Semi Helmet on her as well.


Jeanne is a gentle woman and Intelligent. She is knowledage and a good mentor. She fight very seriously and calmly in battle.


Jeanne is a daughter of a knight. Her family is kill by Akuma and She is save by a Finder who act as her legal guardian after that. She is very devote to her reliigion and train very hard in her young ages. In one of the storage of her family land, she found her innoncence. The Ghost War keep happening and repeating due to a War Flag in a plain field.


After she become a exorcist, she is straight promote to General at a very young ages. Her compatible Rate with her innoncence is just too high which is beyond 100 percent.

In her general journey, She singlehandedly defeated an entire wave of Akuma, Level 3. She liberate Japan from Milleniam Earl Control before. Even Noah afraid of her and suspect she holding the innoncence, The Heart

She is later sentenced to death. An public Excution charge with Fallen Sychonization. The truth is Black Order is too afraid of her power and they have to put her to death.

Abilities and Powers

Flag of Revolution (Equipment type)

Jeanne possess a equipment type innoncence. It shape like a  flag with spear tips. She can wield around like spear. Upon activation, The Flag become golden Flaming energy. It can boost the attack of the Spear.

Heaven Gate - Upon activation, she thrust the Flag into the ground, It shake the earth and the sky tear apart. Army of Angel is summon to attack on her. The Angel has vary type. A Normal type angel, A Giant Angel, A Female Angel, Angel on Chariot, Angel on Trumpet. She can summon individual Angel to fight on Behalf.


  • Pray to the God
  • Have Faith