Jay Shroud

Jay Shroud

Character Information
Gender male
Age 18
Status alive
Date of Birth March 26
Affiliation Black Order
Innocence Dragon force
Type parasitic, equip
Branch European
Race human
Blood Type A+
Height 5'5"
Weight 50kg

Jay is a new exorcist with alot of potenial. officially he is part of the European Branch of the Black Order. He most times takes dangerous missions so that no other exorcist joins him. Even though he goes solo most of the times, he likes to be around he's friends. The reason he goes solo is that he can't control his innocence, he is afraid that he's comrades might get hurt.

Powers and Abilities


Jay's innocence is calt Dragon force parasitic clad type.
Demon warrior

Dragon Force's first form

Dragon Force utilizes the bracers on each of Jay's arms.

  • kurayami no nami:(darkness wave) Jay slashes the blade in his left hand in the air, so that the enemy get hit by a wave of dark energy.
  • yo shinkuro basuto:(over synchro burst) Jay gets a temporary energy burst witch causes the synchro rate to go up.
  • suiryoku wonenshou:(burning thrust) Jay uses the O.S.B to get a spark of power from his next possible evolution of his innocence. jay first gets air, than dives to the enemy with hes sword point forward and his wings around his body. his body gets coated in a warm gentle fire, and on hit the enemy get blown away by the fire vortex that coated Jay but it feels less nice!

Dragon Force's 2nd form.

Dragon Force 2nd

Jay forming the 2nd Dragon force for the first time.

This form stands for his burning will.In this form Jay uses the Moeru yuuki no toraidento"trident of burning courage".

  • suiryoku bakunetsu:(exploding thrust) Is a upgraded version of suiryoku wonenshou, jay fly's realy fast to the enemy and stabs him while pushing him in the air, then the enemy explodes.
  • hiryu no kisoku:(fire dragons breath) Jay breath fire like a dragon.
  • hiryu no reiki:(fire dragons aura) Jay gets a red aura which makes him lightning fast.
  • hiryu no hiken:(fire dragons) First Jay gathers his power in his right fist which makes it combust. Then Jay charges towards the enemy, and then punches him which makes him fly away, then creates a concetrated explosion.
  • hiryu no himitsu:Konbo o yaku:(secret of the fire dragon): Jay uses the hiryu no reiki to get speed and delivers a punch and than teleports(lightning fast speed) behind the enemy and punches him again, and does this a couple of times. than the enemy gets hit by multiple concetrated explosions