Heidi Weiss is one of the member from the Organization call New Cross. He is an exorcist. His initial letter is N. They call him the Newton


Heidi appear to be a man in his early 20. He always appear in green uniform similar to Black order. He is always seen carry around an apple. He has a comb over hairstyle.


Heidi is a calm man. He always keep his cool in battle. He show little expectation and hope toward the exorcist from black order. He prefer to work alone. After all, all the member of the New Cross usually work alone.


Heidi`s family die in a great fire. It is later reveal to be the work of Akuma. The reason akuma attack his family farm because of the floating zone near the apple tree. It reveal that Innocence cause it. At the ages of fifteen, he is show to be the chosen one of a innocence. He bury his parent under a family apple tree. He later gain his innocent from the tree as well.


At some point of the timeline, He is recruit by the New Cross organization and become one of the apostle. He is taught how to control his innocent. He is show remarkable talent using his innocence.

He is first show during the meeting of the New Cross discussing whether to help black order which is under attack. .

Abilities and Powers

Newtonian Apple (Equipment type)

Heidi possess an innocence shape like an apple. It has a smiley face on its. The Innocence is a eatable equipment type. Upon activation, Heidi need to bite it. No matter how much the apple is bite, it will regrow back.

Flight - Upon activation, Heidi Posses the ability to define gravity.

Gravity Manipulation - With it innocence, he possess the ability to manipulate the weight of others. He is show to crash akuma easily with gravity. His signature move is Newton Punch. He decrease the weight of the target but increase the weight of his fist. Upon doing so, the target will be blast away 50km away.


  • Dont call me snow white.
  • How heavy is your sin?

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