Harlequinn Evans is one of the strongest general in Black order. She is from New Jersey. They call her the jersey devil. She lead the strongest unit. A Point Breaker.


Harlequinn is a woman in her 28. She has a long hair that part in between. She has Black long straight hair. She has small eye and 3 pair of ears


Harlequinn is very calm and seldom show any emotion. She hasnt cry in 20 years since she join the orde.r


Harlequinn is a little girl born with six ear. She is outcast and call the Jersey devil due to her apperance. The order found her very quickly before akuma does and brought her in. She is train and promote to General very quickly.


Harlequinn has many notable deed in her mission and life as general. Her most notable deed is leading a unit of 3 point breaker and defeated many noah.

She is later kill by Millenium Earl herself. She is the first canditate to suspect of being the Heart.

Abilities and Powers

Whisperer (Equipment type)

Harlequinn possess a Parasite type Anti akuma weapon. The innoncence parasite with her ear. This cause her has six ears apperance. Her Weapon is a flute.

Extreme Listening - Her innoncence is activate all the time. She can hear three different level of whisper. The first being the normal noise. It can cover 40km. The second being the sound of soul and heart. She can hear people thinking. The last part of ear help her to listen to the natural. She can listen to the whisper of non living being. such as weapon, Wind or Tree.

Sound Wave Manipulation - She use this ability to generate wave to attack akuma. Since, she be able to know many type of sound wave. She can manipulate the deadly wave to make vibration. She use a normal flute to help her generate Vibration. She usually clap her hand and generate strong vibration to kill akuma.


  • Those Cry... it so sad