Fong Dai Li is a exorcist at Black Order. He From China Branch. He is the mentor of Michelle and Mei Mei. He is a General Level Exorcist.


Fong Dai Li is a Short Chinese old Man in his 50. He has two long Moustache hanging down and wear a china hat. His Uniform also customize to Traiditonal China Outfit.


Fong is a pervent old man. His unit always hit him for Sexual harrasment. Fong is very cunny old man and dont trust Order very much.


Not much is know about Fond. However he is old friend with Bookman. Bookman introduce him a exorcist and place under his care. One thing is know about his past. His hometown has a little pond full of lotus. His innoncence is found in the lotus which has apparition dacing at night on the lotus.


As an exorcist, he goes on mission to protect citizen, fight akuma and retrieve innoncence. He serve the order for very long time already. He is first seem attending the Meeting with other 4 general. During the Black order Fallen arc. He is send on the front line. He is kill by Earl personally in the front line after witnessing 3 Noah has difficulty dealing with him.

Abilities and Powers

Lotus Lantern (Equipment type)

Fong possess a equipment innoncence. The Lantern shaped like a Lotus with a handle. Upon activation, the light lit on the lotus. Fong sometime hold it to fight or let it flow on it on.

Lily Cannon- The Lotus can gather light and blast a light beam out.

Eighteen Saint - The innoncence can bless Fong with a indestructible body. In 5km Radius, Fong can duplicate 18 copy of himself. He is bless with the power of kiling Akuma with its Kung fu. However, the Lotus is left vulnerable to Attack. Fong usually put two copy to protect the Lantern.

Kung fu - Fong is a master in Martial Art.


  • Dragon Fist
  • I can see your underwear
  • Big Breast