Ethan Cooper is a male exorcist in black Order. He is from Australia. He has been listed only Mercernary in the black order history.  


Ethan Cooper is a 30 Years old man. He always seem with a shave beard and short cut hair. He wear a long trench outside of the Black order uniform.


Ethan Cooper is a drunk alcoholic. He is a addicted Gamble. He is lousy in luck and people always call him the Troublemaker.


Ethan Cooper is a freelancer and Jobless homeless wanderer. One day, a finder meet him during his search. He is seem using innoncence to fight off akuma. He mention he notice the strange occurence whenever he threw the dice. The dice always result in Number 4. A dice only result in Number 4. He call himself the ill luck which choosen by innoncence


After finder bring him into the exorcist, he only work for money and temporarily as part timer. If there is Not enough Men, he will be call to work.

He team with many unit before, Many of Them know for his addict problem but he is a strong exorcist and Reliable in mission.

He is later get kill in one of the mission protecting Newbie Exorcist. He is later use in Second exorcist program.

Abilities and Powers

Dice of 777 (Equipment type)

Ethan possess a Equipment Type innonce. It a Slightly Larger Dice compare to normal dice. He always play around with it. Upon activation, he throw it in the mid Air. Each Number give him a different weapon to kill Akuma.

Number 1 - Upon result in 1, It give him a martial Staff. It can spin and create a spinning shield.

Number 2- Upon result in 2, It give him a whip. It can bind the Akuma

'Number 3'Upon Result in 3, It give him a Bow. It has the Ability to chase the Akuma

Number 4 - Upon Result in 4, It give him a Harp, It can repel akuma

Number 5 - Upon Result in 5, it give him a hook chain. It can drag target

Number 6 - Upon Result in 6, It give him a cannon. It can blast a lot of akuma


  • I have bad luck
  • Good luck to you.