Diana Wally is a black exorcist working in Black order. She is a Chief officer of European branch before Komui Lee. People here call her "the consultant"


Diana is a mysterious woman. She always appear in a black robe. It has a exorcist logo on the robe. No one saw her face before due to her innocence.


Diana is mysterious and like to toy with new comer. However in overall, she is still caring about all her team member.


Diana background is mysterious. Only Hevaslaka know her origin. They are good friend for many years. She is say to be the second longest exorcist in the black order after hevalaska.


Diana is the ex chief officer before komui lee. After she found out Dark side of the order and disagree with them. she left and disappear. Her position is fill by komui lee after. Komui lee used to be her assistant.

Abilities and Powers

Oculus Room (Crystal type)

Diana possess a crystal innnonce which attached to her reflection. It activate automatically when there diana reflection. Diana has no say in turning it off as when someone look at her, There reflection in their eye, it automatic activate.

Memory Room- She can change the room into the room where the person most wanted to be

Memory one - She can change her apperance into the person which the one she talking to wanted to see most.

Reflect - She appear to have no offensive attack skill but able to reflect akuma bullet easily back at them. It is unknown what extend she can use this to.


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