The Dawn of Darkness Series was a Fanfiction AU Series that takes place throughout the Main Story, Allen Walker has long since accepted his fate as the 14th Noah of the Millennium Earl's family, however more problems came about in the form of Allen's adopted Exorcist brother: Aedan Walker.



Noah Family

The Originals

Main article: The Original Noah Family (DDS)
  • Aedan Walker (eventually) - Noah Name: Eden.
  • Victor - Noah Name: Sheol.
  • Millennium Earl - Noah Name: "Adam".
  • Niklaus - Noah Name: "Cain".
  • Elias - Noah Name: "Abel".
  • Nea Walker (formerly)/Allen Walker (currently) - Noah Name: Unknown, hinted as "Seth".

The Twelve Disciples

  • Unnamed Noah - Noah Name: Toraido, Noah of Judge. No 2.
  • Tyki Mikk - Noah Name: Joido, Noah of Pleasure. No 3.
  • Sheril Kamelot - Noah Name: Dezaiasu, Noah of Desire. No 4.
  • Unnamed Noah - Noah Name: Wisely, Noah of Wisdom. No 5.
  • Unnamed Noah - Noah Name: Fiidora, Noah of Corrosion. No 6.
  • Unnamed Noah - Noah Name: Maashiima, Noah of Pity. No 7.
  • Skinn Bolic - Noah Name: Raasura, Noah of Wrath. No 8.
  • Road Kamelot - Noah Name: Road, Noah of Dreams. No 9.
  • Jasdevi (Jasdero and Devit) - Noah Name: Bondomu, Noah of Bonds. No 10 and No 11.
  • Lulu Bell - Noah Name: Rasutoru, Noah of Lust. No 12.
  • Unnamed Noah - Noah Name: Maitora, Noah of Ability. No 13.

Black Order