David is a Male exorcist from Black Order. He is serve under same unit with Jordan and Ruby under Jeanne Unit. He from England.


David is a tall man with a scare on his face. He has Green hair and always wearing a normal uniform and always smoking. He is 25 years old.


David has a lay back personality. He has that Whatever attitude. He still do his mission but he just seem less energtic. He admire jordan and ruby still a young blood. He is the oldest among Jeanne Unit.


David a  teenager come from a fisherman family. One day,he went fishing and try to catch the lake monster, there has been lot of people disappearing in the lake. It is shown there is a school of angelic flying fish in the lake. Upon fishing, he fish out a shining sphere thing. The incident of the shing fish stop and the innoncence later is target by akuma. he protect it with his life until General Yeegar save him.


David Use to train under General yeegar but then he later transfer unit due to short member in Jeanne Unit and also New Member Joining General Yeegar Unit. After several year of working under general Jeanne, he become a senior in the unit with jordan and ruby. They always fooling around and he need to take care of them

His most notable mission is stopping a ritual casting by the group of Skull.

After jordan and ruby `s Death, He is later get himself kill in Malaysia due to a fake Innoncence incident. The incident is fake by Skull for revenge of interrupting their ritual years ago. They are

Abilities and Powers

Akuma Fisher (Equipment type)

David possess a Equipment Type Anti Akuma Weapon. It Shape like a Normal fishing Rod which he use to fish the innoncence out from the lake. He later ask to make his anti akuma weapon into Fishing rod.

Fish Bait- Upon activation, he can change the hook into a dummy Beacon or illusion target. He can assinate the Akuma who take the bait while he hide.

Shark Bait- He can turn the Bait into a Shark Head and Attack with powerful strike.

Angel Bait - He can use the bait to save his companion or capture someone from a far. However, He can only send it to some he have shark bait touch before.


  • Patience is the key
  • Little Fish

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