Chou Mei Mei is an Female Exorcist of Black Order. Same unit with Michelle Wang. She from China.


Mei Mei appear to be a young woman in her 20. She have two bun on her head. She look like a classic china lady. Her exorcist uniform is also slightly modified toward china style.


Chou Mei Mei is very carefree as well. She and michelle always fooling around but still serious when execute mission.


Chou Mei Mei is a little girl scout out by General Fong in her country. Mei Mei is found abandon in a House. Her family abandon her. The Villager drive her out. The reason being is a bracelet on Mei Mei hand. The innoncence cause anyone who look at Mei Mei as their worst Fear. The father saw mei mei as A fearsome Witch. The mother saw her as a Giant Monster. Until General Fong find her and took her in. She become the exorcist.


As an exorcist, she goes on mission to protect citizen, fight akuma and retrieve innoncence. Her most notable mission is driving away a noah. 6th Noah Feedler.

She later get kill by Akuma in the Black order Fallen arc. She is later use in the second exorcist arc.

Abilities and Powers

Disk of Guilt (Equipment type)

Chou Mei Mei possess a equipment innoncence. She wear it as a bracelet. Upon Activation, it enlarge slightly. She use it as a Small size chakra.

Guilty Judgement- Chou Mei Mei throw the Chakra to damage the Akuma. The more the sin Akuma had, The scariest and largest the Disk is seem to AKuma. Human with no guilt is immune to the Attack. This is how she drive off the Noah As Feedler has too many sin, the disk Mei Mei throw At him seem like a Giant Scary Chainsaw.


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