Allen Walker was the main Character of both the Original Series and the Dawn of Darkness Series, in the Dawn of Darkness Series however he is a loyal member of the Noah Family and wants to cause as much chaos as he possibly can, he is usually teamed up with Tyki Mikk and/or Road Kamelot.

Personality and traits

Physical Appearance


Powers and Abilities



  • Physical Prowess - Allen has trained himself to be a physical member of the Original Noah, being able to fight on par with fighters like his adopted brother: Aedan Walker, Allen has been shown capable of doing impossible workouts and surviving attacks that could easily destroy buildings.
  • Natural abilities as a Noah - As a Noah, Allen has a number of powerful abilities, including the control of Dark Matter. It seems the Dark Matter also grants him the extreme increases in speed, strength, endurance and power.
    • Dark Matter manipulation - Allen is capable of creating blasts of Dark Matter, Allen's Dark Matter blasts appear as a dark blue colour, when using a large amount of Dark Matter Allen glows Dark Blue and he can release an endless stream of a hundred blue Dark Matter blasts that fire similar to a Sub-machine gun.
    • Akuma Blood Oil Virus Immunity - As a Noah, he is immune to the Akuma Blood Virus, which is normally fatal for all living things.
    • Control over the movements of Akuma and the other Noah - As an Original Noah, the Allen has almost absolute command over all the Akuma and the other members of the Noah Family.
    • Innocence Destruction - Like all Noah, he can also destroy Innocence with his bare hands.


  • Heretic Crown - Heretic Crown is the Guilt wielded by Allen and is opposite to the Crown Clown Innocence, Klaus used an Original Noah device to forcefully evolve Allen's innocence to its strongest evolved form and then transformed it into a Guilt, it is located on his left arm however the true form of the Guilt is the Heretic Sword which is stored within his left arm.