Alex Read is a Male exoricst in Black Order He used to solo alone until the situation force , he has been transfer under General Yeegar unit.


Alex is a tall thin guy. He dress in normal black exorcist clothing except he wear a straw hat. He is 6 foot tall and always without energetic emotion.


Alex Read is always look unhappy. He dislike socialize with people. It no his fault when he living in D grayman universe. However, he dont dislike selena when she try to cheer her unit up.


Alex Read is once a country man in a downtown place. He live a carefree style but he always has a sleeping problem. The thing get worse, his nightmare start sharing with other villager in the down town. The nightmare is always the same, A scary spiderlike akuma always kill many villager then a giant beetle always there to fight off the akuma.

Upon knowing this, the black order approach them and found out he is a accommodator. The innoncence is the dream catcher hanging on his bed.


As an exorcist, He is first shown fighting along side his fellow unit. He He barely grieve when found out General Yeegar is dead but he is piss off that he unable to protect the old mentor of his. The unit later disappear and train to revenge general yeegar.

Abilities and Powers

White Hunter (Equipment type)

Selena possess an equipment innocence which he carry around. It a dream catcher he keep in his coat.. Upon activation, he open his coat and the dream catcher become a bug catcher anti akuma weapon. The Innocence is a Equipment type.

Combo Catch Upon activation, he can extend the bug catcher to attack akuma. However get caught in the web, Level 1 akuma will explode.

Heavenly Transformation - By Capturing a level 2 Akuma, It will be cover by White layer of Kuku Shield. It will undergo a Transformation. Upon hatching, it become a White Giant Beetle, An temporarily living akuma weapon which Alex can ride and Fight with.


  • No one escape
  • It hatching

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